Espacio para la Gestión de Inéditos Viables

Calle Historiador Juan Uría, 15
33011 OVIEDO, Spain

Teléfono: +34 663 830 733

Who we are

Ye Too Ponese” (The idiom for “Just do it!”) was funded in Asturias in 2004 aiming at promoting youth participation and active citizenship.

Inspired by Freire’s “untested feasibility”, we believe that working together towards a positive collective vision is possible. We also believe that taking small steps that make us happy is a way of achieving it.

Our projects are related to global education, civic participation, critical pedagogy, sustainability, creative activism, DIY and open source culture.

Our mission is to encourage positive social changes by means of promoting active participation at personal, local and global levels.

Our vision is a fairer world where every person regardless of age, gender, abilities, sexual orientation or identity, religion, ethnic origin and socio-economic background is part of the decision-making processes.

Quienes somos. Ye Too Ponese

Our work is organized in the following areas:

  • ARTIVISM: creative activism is an effective tool towards social awareness. We use art to promote reflections related to social topics and present different perspectives about them.
  • PARTICIPATION: We design and run activities to promote civic participation at personal, local, national and international level. The groups (children, youngsters, adults) reflect about the issues that affect them and their environment, then research and purpose alternatives in order to improve the current situation.
  • EDUCATIONAL WORKSHOPS: We love “sneaking” into schools and other educational facilities to work through non-formal education and arts with children and young people. Issues such as health, gender, participation, sexuality, environment are discussed in the classrooms.
  • GLOBAL EDUCATION: We organize global education creative workshops and manuals, as well as raising awareness campaigns with young people and children to promote international development and human rights. Global education gives learners the opportunity and competences to reflect and share their own point of view and role within a global, interconnected society.
  • INTERNATIONAL PROJECTS: To underpin our work at an international level we organize trainings, seminars and youth exchanges within the Erasmus Plus programe work frame.
  • COMMUNITY HEALTH: well-being is not only about physical or mental health, but also about eating local and proximity food, about love and friend networks, about environment. We develop projects in which we promote community health from all perspectives and in different contexts.
  • VOCATIONAL ORIENTATION: We work in different communities with young people to prevent school dropout, supporting them individually and in groups, in order to enhance their employability and their social opportunities.
  • FACILITATION: through a series of tools and techniques of the facilitation of processes, we support groups to achieve their goals and build collectively what they are looking for. Groups can be small natural groups or larger groups of participants in symposiums or conferences.
  • PUBLICATIONS: We have created facilitator guides about different issues such as intercultural learning, upcycling, the Sustainable Development Goals, etc. You can download them in our site.
Quienes somos. Ye Too Ponese